Best Rated February 2021


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  • Incredible value for money
  • Up to 300Mbps transfer speeds
  • Super Easy Plug & Play Setup
  • Compatible with any existing WiFi connection
  • Perfect for large homes
  • Accelerate Your WiFi In Seconds
  • Compact Design
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Multiple Connection Modes
  • Encrypted signal (very secure)
  • Regularly out of stock






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  • Compatible with any existing WiFi connection
  • Very easy to set up
  • Plug & Play
  • Leaves no dead spots
  • Improves up to 8.5x your upload speed
  • Accelerate Your WiFi In Seconds
  • Improves up to 6x your upload speed
  • No automatic re-connection




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  • Plug n play use
  • 100% Compatibility
  • Compact design
  • Very secure to use
  • Easy to install
  • WPS availability
  • Improves signal strength
  • Value for Money
  • No Ethernet Port
  • Expensive For Value




User Ratings (3458)
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  • Easy installation
  • WPA2 Encryption
  • Faster downloads
  • Secure and practical
  • Compatible with every Internet brand
  • WLAN repeater
  • No automatic re-connection
  • Take some time to be 100% operative
  • High price for value




User Ratings (4645)
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  • Affordable
  • 300Mbps performance
  • Extensive signal reach
  • WPS function
  • Hard to setup
  • Smaller working range
  • Bigger than other models


UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we have secured a limited amount of 50% discount codes for the PH0R! First time buyers only. A few remain, claim yours by clicking here.

Our Best Wi-Fi Extender: PH0R

Dead Zones, Darkspots and areas of spotty connectivity. These are the problems common to every user of WiFI networks. In this “always connected” age there are more and more products becoming available that require a stable WiFi connection. Smart TVs, Laptops, Baby monitors and even Smart Fridges all have extended options available to those with a solid WiFi connection. There are multiple Wifi Extenders available online but choosing the most suitable Wifi Extender for you can be difficult, they all look similar and most claim to provide the same lightning-fast Internet speeds. To save you time, we have tested out some of the top performing Wifi Extenders to check their stability and effectiveness. Wondering which is the Best Wifi Extenders out there? We have tried and tested the most popular Wifi Extenders and discovered that PH0R works as excellently as they claim. It is a compact device but powerful, boosting the Wifi signal clear across your home. Buy one of these Wifi Extenders today and say goodbye to slow Internet connection and an unreliable signal forever!

The Best Wi-Fi Extender for Increasing Your Connection

Everyone is looking for a stable, secure, and FAST Wifi connection. You don’t want just any old Wifi Extender though, you want the Best Wifi Extender out there. PH0R provides a fast and stable connection, even in those hard to reach areas, with a sizzling data transfer rate of up to 300Mbps slow and unstable internet will be a thing of the past! Finally you will be able to stream films in 4k, download and transfer large files in seconds and play the latest games with 0 lag even in those hard to reach locations where your WiFi signal struggled to reach.

How Does a Wi-Fi Extender Work?

PH0R is a powerful Wifi Extender that eliminates dead zones and patchy connections. Even if your house is large and has thick walls that slow down your regular WiFi signal PH0R can overcome this and provide a fast and stable internet connection into any room of your home. This excellent Wifi Extender boosts the signal into every room and corner and you’ll notice an instant increase in internet speeds and signal reliability. There are other Wifi Extenders that also work well but they consume a lot of power can be bulky and unattractive and often don’t perform that well. Unlike many other Wifi Extenders the PH0R is a compact and discreet device that looks great. It will not get in your way or ruin the decor of your beautiful home, it is expertly designed to take up as little space as possible, making it our top pick of the Best Wifi Extenders of 2021.

How to Install Your Wi-Fi Extender

All of the Best Wifi Extenders are super easy to install and made to operate right out of the box. The PH0R takes simplicity to the next level. All you have to do to get started is simply plug it in the power socket. After you have powered up your Wifi booster follow the included instructions for your device to complete the installation and away you go! Some routers come with an app that you can use to help guide you through the installation process, making it even easier. When setting up your Wifi Extender you will have the option to change your network name and password, it is highly recommended to set a strong and unique password. Once this is done, PH0R, the Best Wifi Extender on the market, will take the signals from your Wifi router and amplify them to reach all corners of your home eliminating dead spots and increasing connection speeds around your home.

Where in My Home Should I Put My Wi-Fi Extender For The Best Results?

When picking your Wifi Extenders location, you should take into consideration the size of your home, number of walls and distance your signal needs to travel. The perfect location to place the Wifi Extender is half-way between your wireless router and the area you want to cover, but the extender MUST be within the wireless range of the router or the signal will not carry. PH0R has clear and bright leds that will show you at glance signal strength so you can position your Wifi booster perfectly for your needs.

Best Rated
February 2021

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UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we have secured a limited amount of 50% discount codes for the PH0R! First time buyers only. A few remain, claim yours by clicking here.